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Certified Coach Practitioner

Cynthia is a certified Coach Practitioner, MSW, and Reiki Master. She specializes in Dream Management, Goals and Desires, and, Core Beliefs. Her goal is to help you Know Your Beliefs and Achieve Your Dreams.

Dream Management

What is a Dream Manager? It’s a way to help you realize and obtain your desires and create goals based on those desires. As a client of our coaching service, you will participate in Dream Sessions for Goals, Accountability and Core Beliefs. Services are choreographed so that you arrive at feeling your Energy, Intuition, and Freedom. (Read more on freedom)

As a Dream Manager, Cynthia will be your Mentor, Coach, and Partner in achieving what you Desire!

Achieving Dreams for Mind, Body and Spirit

We have several experts we work with who provide integrative services for Mind | Body | Soul wellness.


Core Beliefs Coaching is a great way to help you focus on the essential. You will be able to identify your values and deepest beliefs. Sessions will be focused and goal-oriented.


Your body can hold onto false beliefs. More often than not, your body reflects your thinking, where you’re stuck and physical symptoms show up. Energy (reiki) is one way help to remove these blocks, and we have many other tools to share with you.


Cynthia says:

When I went through my own Values Inventory, I realized that Spirituality was one of my highest values. I had no idea. I knew it was important to me, but didn’t realize it would beat out so many other values. When you are solid on your values, you are going to approach everything in your life based on those values.


Wheel of Life Workshops was developed for those of you who want to enhance your Mind, Body, Spirit knowledge and skills in a class-like setting. Topics include Astrology, Reiki Certification, Masculine and Feminine Balance, Chakra Healing and Training, Self Love development, Relationships and Intimacy work, Core Belief Training, Values Clarification, and Intuition Training.  You can purchase on our Shop page.


As mentioned above, Wheel of Life Workshops is for a person who simply wants to learn new concepts or a practitioner who needs further development in their craft. We desire to help practitioners to achieve their dreams.

Certifications are also available to you as an Integrative Nutrition Coach, or an Essential Oils Consultant.

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