Why Self Love?

Where do you fit on your priority list? How strong is your “No, thank you”? If it’s one thing I hear from women it is the lack of time for, or devotion, to their process. They struggle to have a deep knowing of their desires or the ability to ask for what they truly want. I coach Self Love to women who crave more, more from their desires, dreams and longings.

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Self Love Coach

I am a certified Coach with Holistic training in Mind, Body, Soul Alchemy. I provide services which integrate; holistic health and nutrition coaching, reiki and energy balancing, and, holistic sex and intimacy healing.

Alchemy for Change

Have you read Paulo Coehlo’s book, The Alchemist? A journey in the desert. The path changes often. Nature and obstacles provide transformative and intuitive reminders about a bigger force. Alchemy appears to be a motivating force in discovering destiny.

It is this destiny that clients usually have questions about. Did I love too much, too little?  Did I deserve it? Do I go in this direction? How do I let go? In my Self Love alchemy writing and coaching, I assist women with transformation.  See my service information below.

Self Love Coaching Sessions

Please find my Coaching Packages here.



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