Soar into Wellness with The Holistic Hummingbird

Certified Coach Practitioner

Welcome to The Holistic Hummingbird. We call this The Nest. A place to perch, take a rest, and find wellness and whole-ness. We can sense you need that. We provide certified Coaching services in Health, Wellness and Beliefs Coaching. Our goal is to help you Soar into Wellness.  *(read more on wellness)

Dream Management

What is a Dream Manager? It’s a way to help you realize and obtain your desires. As Coaches, we provide the environment for self love and wellness. Our services are choreographed so that you leave feeling your energy, intuition, and freedom. *(read more on freedom) Dreams are your inspirations which deserve attention! Much like Law of Attraction, but more practical.

Wellness Experts in Holistic Health

Holistic Health includes your Mind | Body | Soul.  At The Holistic Hummingbird, you are able to experience healing and wellness in each of these areas. Certifications are also available to YOU.  Have you ever considered becoming a Integrative Nutrition Coach, or an Essential Oils Consultant?

We also have Reiki available as an in-person and virtual service.  Have you ever experienced our Reiki?  It is an aroma-therapeutic, spiritually healing experience.  Our clients have had a lot of positive things to say after receiving Reiki.

Know Your Beliefs™ Coaching

This is our trademarked Coaching program that takes you deeper into desires and dreams. We help you knock out the obstacles and fly above the fears. Whether in a group or individual sessions, you will be taking some flight training into the realm of Beliefs.

We look at where these beliefs came from, how they get in your way, and turning in a new direction.  We want to point you towards freedom.

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